"Split Operator not generating attributes properly"

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So I have an odd set of files that readcsv can not properly import.  I can get the file to import if I select a delimeter that does not exist, so all the data on one row is pulled into a single attribute.

I  then used the split operator to split up the data rows.  This appears to work in the output (all 51 attribute columns are generated) but if you hover over the exa output leg of the split operator, it only shows three of the 51 attributes in the list that pops up.    The full popup data is below:

Split.example set output (example set output)
Meta data: Data Table Number of examples = -13
3 attributes:
Generated by: Split.example set output ← Read CSV.output Data: SimpleExampleSet: 15 examples, 51 regular attributes,
no special attributes

The negative number of examples is also concerning as if I filter by example rows it throws an error and the auto fix tries to set the row number to -13, which obviously doesn't work.
Now if I put select attributes downstream of the split, it only allows me to select from the first 3 attributes although 51 show up in the output window.

Any idea how to fix this?
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