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Analysing Polynominal Data

jeganathanvelujeganathanvelu Member Posts: 17 Contributor II
Hi ,

I am learning data analytics using Rapid Miner and am a novice. I need help with the below query.

I have around 800 project risks categorized by each project portfolio, date of risk identification, risk impact score (3 levels), risk probability score (3 levels), description (text), mitigation strategy (text),risk source (polynominal), risk category (ploynominal)

As an experiment i want to see if there are any association between each risk categories within each portfolio, so that if a risk of a particular category is identified for a project, then i can also suggest the project team to look carefully for potential risks in other categories associated with the identified risk.

Based on Data Mining for the masses by Mr North, I tried to do identify assocation rules. But learnt that FP, W-FP will work only with Binominal data. Hence how should i proceed on the above analysis ?

What other analysis can i do on the provided data.

I am sorry if the question is on very basics , but your reply will help me learn. Also if this is not the right forum for such questions, could you please point me to forums on internet where i can learn on such topics?

Thanks in Advance,
Jeganathan Velu.


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    frasfras Member Posts: 93 Contributor II
    Hi Jeganathan,

    you may look into the help of operator "FP-Growth". There is an example process that
    also has to ensure that the attributes are in an appropriate state for applying FP.
    Maybe in your case "Discretize" is not neccessary.
    In general, it is always wise to use the various charts provided within RapidMiner
    to get an inside into data first.
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