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Help with selecting algorithm for Text Mining in RapidMiner

spykeburnspykeburn Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
edited June 2019 in Help
I am new to data mining and currently working on an online news article from TOI in RapidMiner. My aim is to get results which shows the most important things mentioned in the article or to find the valuable information hidden in it.

I am done with document processing on the article "TOI manifesto"
I have applied tokenization, filtering and ngrams and got some result.

Im stuck here. I don't know how to proceed further. Which technique/algorithm should i use in RapidMiner to get required results? Please give details, really need help with it.


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    frasfras Member Posts: 93 Contributor II
    Maybe you could share your process that we can see what is missing ?
    As far as I understand you have built some preprocessing steps but  without training an algorithm.
    Do have labels in your data ? Otherwise it is hard to train a model...
    If you like simply paste your xml code into

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