Advanced Plots Question

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So I have sets of data formulated in the following way.

Example Property A Property B Property C Value A Value B Value C Value D
1 A Y A 1 -5 7 2
2 B N A 15 5 2 10
3 B Y B -8 1 7 75
4 C Y B 26 8 -8 -15

I want to easily plot example 1 vs example 3  for all real attributes (or just a subset).  so in this case the set of plotted x,y points would become

(1,-8) (-5,1) (7,7) (2,75)

Right now the only way I can figure to do this is to remove the attributes that are not the values I am interested in, transpose it, and plot.  However I would like to be able to color (for example) the plot by the property attributes.  I am not sure how to manipulate the data set to get that functionality as I think I would need to (after transposing the numeric values) add an additional columns for each new row containing the properties.  I have been having some trouble figuring out how to do that automatically.  Any suggestions?

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