"Excel JDBC configuration driver"

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Hello mates:
I am working in Windows, I have downloaded a driver for Excel: sqlsheet-6.5.jar, I move it to rapidminer folder,
now to add the driver, I did it from the GUI, but I have no configurted the jdbc_configuration.xlm file, I do not know the right paramters to  do it. Any help ?
I have add a new driver in the file XML, change the name of driver to excel, the add path, the class the GUI detect, but it still appear in the RapidMiner Shoiw Driver menu item windows as a no available driver, it is listed there, but I do not know how to make it available.


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    Maybe it is easier for you to show us your SQL statement you would like to execute.
    Then we find a way to process the data with RapidMiner operators.
    To read the data you only have to apply the operator "Read Excel".
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