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I would like to calculate a turnover figure. I have the sales quantity and two different price attributes. All three atrributes are numerical(real) attributes. Based on a nominal indicator (has two possible values: A or C) I would like to decide the appropriate formula.
Unfortunately the AttributeConstruction operator. I have entered if(indicator == A, salesquantity*price1,salesquantity*price2) is not working. I always get the message: Unrecognized symbol "V".
Any ideas?


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    Hi Alexander,
    try using if(indicator == "A", salesquantity*price1,salesquantity*price2).

    The operator info states:
    Beside those operators and functions, this operator also supports the constants pi and e if this is indicated by the corresponding parameter (default: true). You can also use strings in formulas (for example in a conditioned if-formula) but the string values have to be enclosed in double quotes.
    To read it, use the context menu in the operator tree or press F1.

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