Incorrect time value in html report returned by web service

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Hello guys. I published my process as service which returns html report and for this case RA returns incorrect time value for timestamp fields fetched from mysql (not datetime).
RA muddled minutes and month fields. When should be month it puts minutes.. see below

In this table you can see timestamp value (i don't know why it presented on this format.. LC_TIME not act on it..) and value casted to string by function CAST(date_reg as char) and query was
SELECT date_reg, CAST(date_reg as char) from clients
date_regCAST(date_reg as char)07/58/2014 17:58:40 PM MSK2014-05-07 17:58:4007/55/2014 17:55:21 PM MSK2014-05-07 17:55:21
How can I fix it? It not depends of system time zone.. Is it a bug,,?


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