De-Pivot and Value Types

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Hi guys,

I'm working with the De-Pivot operator  to transform some data, currently in one line to different lines.
Just up front, I'm working with 5.3.015 open scource.
The original data looks like:
ID Value_Month1 Value_Month2
1 123 124
2 133 135
The data in Value_Month1 is of the "real" type and the data Value_Month2 is a "numeric" attribute.
I use De-Pivot to transform it into
ID Time Value
1 1 123
1 2 124
2 1 133
2 2 135

An error message is delivered quoting that the two types are not compatible so de-pivotisation can't be done.
Is it a bug? Maybe it is already fixed, I don't know?

I got a work around using first NumericToNominal and then NominalToNumeric to get  the type of Value_Month1 attribute from "real" to "numeric"
But still I think it is odd that the two types "numeric" and "real" are compatible everywhere else but while using De-Pivot.

And it also arose the question: What are the differences between "real" and "numeric"? Why are both in use?
Haven't found anything in the Manual so far.



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    Sorry to add a comment:

    1. Same problem occures between "real" and "integer"

    2. Is there some kind of NumericToReal or IntegerToNumeric, ... operator? Just found RealToInteger which might not be sufficient for all possible tasks.

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    Just found a different work around: NumericalToReal and set all Numeric Attributes to the real type
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