"Export LASSO results (Feature Selection Extension)"

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Hello everybody,

I have recently started working with RapidMiner 5.3. In particular, I come from a physics background and work on data from computer simulations of a particular physical system.

In that context, I have started playing around with the Feature Selection Extension (http://sourceforge.net/projects/rm-featselext/), in particular in order to use the LASSO. Now that all works fine, I have my data, pre-process them, and run the algorithm. However, in the end I would like to export the results, like for example the data to create the "shrinkage plot" like this one: http://a.fsdn.com/con/app/proj/rm-featselext/screenshots/287125.jpg
However, I cannot find any option for that, apart from exporting the whole thing as pdf. That is fine for a quick overview, but for publication etc. I would like to fiddle around with the plot using an external program like gnuplot or Python matplotlib. So how can I access the plot data?

Thanks a lot!
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