X-Means always same behavior

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Hello Experts!

I'm trying to use X-means due to its advantages against K-means, but Im not getting the proper result.
I tried K-means to evaluate 6 files from 3 categories and with a k = 3 it worked perfectly.
than i try to apply the Xmeans from 2 to 60 and I get always 2 clusters.

I though it could be because of having few files so I tried again with 53 files from 3 categories,
and the result were the same. K-means(k=3) successful, X-means (k = 2 - 60) the same 2 clusters.

I've tried many configurations but the most use are
measure type: NumericalMeasures
numerical measure: CosineSimilarity
clustering algoritm: KMeans
the rest is default.

I'm Clueless about the reason any help is appreciate!


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    I have the same problem. I tried x-means with kmin=2 and kmax=60 and for my data the right result is 4 klusters, xmeans worked and give a result - 2 klusters. And the same result for different data that i tried.
    Who can help me?)
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