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Dear All,

Is there a way to print in console the currently running operator? The RapidMiner Gui prints this information at the bottom of the main windows. But what if I want to run my process in command line? How can I know which operator is running currently?

Thank You!


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    CharlieFirpoCharlieFirpo Member Posts: 48 Contributor II
    1) There is the built-in macro %{n} but this does not help: eg. it can be used at Print to Console operator but at that case I have to rename this operator something like this: 'LOG - <previous operator name>'. But it very cumbersome to create as many Print to Console operator and rename them as the number of operators my process has.

    2) I can set the logverbosity in the main process to all. At that case RapidMiner GUI console will print all information including the operators running info. But if I run the same process via command line, only the 'INFO' mesages appear but the 'FINE' messages not. Can anybody know why or how can it be solved? Is there an option in the global .../resources/.../rapidminerrc.bat that handle logverbosity? Or maybe at .../scripts/rapidminer.bat? I did not find... It does not help to set the user specific .../.rapidminer5/rapidminerrc file's rapidminer.gui.log_level to ALL. Only the 'INFO' messages will appear :(

    Thank you any reply!
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