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I can't figure out how does this operator  works (for example for the Recommender System extension):
- when I put new clients in logs I have a message "working, : the client is unknown"
- when Iput only clients that are alo in the training test (just different products) I get another worning (test and training sets are overlapping)

The description in the book that is describing this operator "Item Recommendation Apply Model operator also takes a trained model,and a test/query set as input. The Apply Model operator applies the trainedmodel on the query data and returns the list of the first n ranked items for eachuser in the query set, where n is a user defined parameter"

I do not understand
if I should put known clients because the model will try to predict this new items and the apply model will compare this results with the predicted ones ..
or if I should put unknown clients but then I cant't understand how the performences are calculated..

Also, normally we should have train, validation and test..however we have only train and test in rapidminer..how is this done?

Thank you!!

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