Parallel execution of subprocesses

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Hi RapidMiners,

I have written an operator that executes a subprocess with different subsets of the data (like Bagging does, just a bit trickier, since the metadata also changes between the runs - but I eventually got it to work).

Now, my question is: can I execute multiple instances of the subprocess in parallel? If yes, how do I do that? The problem is that there seems to be only one instance of the nested process and its ports, so if I try something like that

PredictionModel model = (PredictionModel) innerModelSink.getData(PredictionModel.class);
in a multithreaded fashion, it breaks.

Any hints and/or templates?

Thank you,


  • HeikoPaulheimHeikoPaulheim Member Posts: 13 Contributor I
    Hi RapidMiners,

    I found a way around by calling "cloneOperator". However, I am not exactly sure what is happening here (despite the documentation of said method saying "Use this method only if you sure what you are doing."  ;)), so I still appreciate your feedback.

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