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I was going through the Rapid-Miner tutorial pdf. One of the task is to use the FEATURE SELECTION operator. I searched for the operator but did not find or would have missed out. But then I pasted the XML code ....<operator name="BackwardElimination" class="FeatureSelection" expanded="yes"> "....,  given in the example, then I could see that in the operator tree, the operator popped up with the class, "FeatureSelection". Fine. But, I am still searching the operator in the menu options, but dont know where it is....

And the problem in general is, suppose an operator need to be applied. How do we seach for this operator? Is there a quick method for this? Is there a documentation for this, which i would have missed to read?

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    The "Group" section under each description of the operator in the tutorial pdf has the soluition.

    For example: For the "AttributeSubsetPreprocessing" operator, the group is defined as:
    Group: Preprocessing.Attributes
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    sometimes its much simpler to the "new operator" tab and type the name into the search window below the tree. Operators not matching the typed name are removed from the operator selection tree above.

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    Thanks Sebastian...

    BR, Shubha
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