"[solved] How to move examplesets from Linux to Windows?"

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Hi All,

I am planning a data conversion process that will run on Linux and convert 50 files into 50 examplesets.
I am an RM beginner. I suppose after generating my 50 examplesets it is possible to save my examplesets into my local repository (on Linux).

I prefer to use RM on Windows, however the data translation that I am using is much easier on Linux.

What is the recommended way to make those 50 examplesets available to me on Windows?

One approach would be to send the examplesets to a database output operator on Linux, then connect the same database from Windows.

For the file-based approaches that do not require a data server (e.g. data output to CSV), is there any of the file formats that is a particularly good choice in terms of fully preserving the exampleset format?




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    owenowen Member Posts: 22 Contributor II
    I tried writing an exampleset to file on one OS and reading it back on another using Operators in the
    Export/Data and Import/Data operators.
    E.g. Export/Data/Write Arff  with Import/Data/Read Arff 
    Comparing example sets appeared the same after a round trip Win7->Linux->Win7.

    Export/Write and Import/Read worked too and seem very general, working with RM native formats, though I would assume that these operators would require you to be running the *exact* same version of RM on Windows and Linux.
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