"We are Migrating from a DB2 Environment (AS400) to a MS SQL Server 2008"

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:-\. I am looking for a Software that is similar to what we use now on our DB2 Platform (HelpSystems Sequel) Is RapidMiner the Solution I should try? In addition to Views... We currently can save our results to Excel, .csv, .txt... etc. We will also need to be able to Inport and Export to our Database on our SQL Server. Not sure if RapidMiner does all that. We need to recreate Over 700 HelpSystem Sequel Progrms!!!


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    RapidMiner can read from and write to IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server databases and RapidMiner can export results to Excel (.xls and .xlsx), .csv, .txt, and many other formats.

    Are "Sequel Programs" the same as SQL scripts?
    RapidMiner can handle SQL scripts and queries and push them to the databse for execution.

    RapidMiner Server provides a process scheduler you can use to schedule and automatically execute your SQL scripts as well as text mining and predictive analytics processes. RapidMiner Server also allows you to define interactive dashboards and reports.

    Would that fit your requirements?
    Would you like to discuss your requirements in more detail with someone from our sales team?

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