"[SOLVED] Register a new plotter class defined in an extension"

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now that I have (more or less...) a working version of my new operator, it turns out that when trying to pack the whole new stuff to an actual RM extension, there is an additional problem. Specifically, I have also written a new plotter class, which is an extension of ScatterPlotter2. This plotter, as every plotter, has to be registered in RM. So far, at least in RM 5.3 which I am using, this is done in PlotterConfigurationModel.java, with a line like

[tt]217: DATA_SET_PLOTTER_SELECTION.put(STRING_COORDINATE_PLOT, StringCoordinateScatterPlotter.class);[/tt]

However, this is of course part of the main RM code, which an extension cannot alter. So, how can I obtain the same result with a "stand-alone" extension which does not touch the original RM code?

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    I will be honest, the way to do this is not very nice at the moment. However DATA_SET_PLOTTER_SELECTION is a public static final Map, so you can access this from your extension init class and add your plotter that way.

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    Cool, thanks a lot. It might not be "nice", but at least it is very easy ;-). I should have looked myself, but I just didn't think that one could just set and extend DATA_SET_PLOTTER_SELECTION from anywhere.

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