[Solved] Search log data

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Hi Everyone  :)

I am relatively new to RapidMiner and would appreciate if you could help me with this. I have a large data set (search log data) containing information as below:

userID, Query, ItemRank, ClickURL, QueryTime
(There are multiple records with same UerID)

I would like to use RapidMiner to extract useful information, (i.e, find individuals with specific skills. hard is it not!)

So far I have cleansed the date, and now would like to split the data based on UserID.

Then put data (queries) related to each UserID in to a document so I can analysis individual user's query. But I am not sure how?

I have retrieved the data from csv, then used DataToDocument to create a document from each record (rows), now would like to combine document with same UserID into one, but it seems not pussible? ???

Can you please suggest some way to achieve this.



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