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Hi there !

I have a training data set (excel format) to use with a neural network. The data set looks something like this ;
etc...  where the first column is the input (5 digits) and the output is the second column (3 digits). The training data file has 32 inputs and corresponding outputs and I would like to use 80% for training and 20% for testing.

I have used this data set with the neural net algorithm but the result I'm getting has 8 outputs when it should have 3 and 32 inputs when it should have 5...



Can anyone help with this please ? Thanks in advance!


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    Can anybody explain how does the NN do the prediction? Formula export is a joke of course it couldn't maka any formula. But I would like to know how does the NN prediction looks like as a forumla. Because the RapidMiner documentation hide how does this work.

    For example if I got the weights of a Neural Network, how can I reprouce the same data (prediction) as the rapidminer does.
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