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In weka we have  afilter convert StingToWord vector which  converts the contents of a attribute , i.e. say we have 12 wprds seperated by a comma within an attibute, all those words are converted to the attribute ... do we have any such facility in rapidminer
to clarify further suppose we have a attibute automobile( car,truck,tempo,tractor) then by applying StringToWordvector we get five attribute automobile, car, truck, tempo, tractor
i'm stuck with this in rapidminer ... i could easily do this in WEKA

thanks in advance


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    In RapidMiner, you could use the Text plugin for real texts which will then for the setting occurences deliver the results. If you already have a single nominal value, the operator Nominal2Binominal is your friend. And if you do not want to use the Text plugin just for splitting those nominal values, the new operator "Split" in the upcoming 4.4 will help.

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    shalini_batrashalini_batra Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    thanks a lot for guidiing me
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