"Question(s) regarding licensing, trials and APIs"

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Hello there. I have a question. I am using professional trial version of the software and it expires in a few days. What Changes do I expect to see when it does expire? I am using the api of the software on Java and in a few days it will be starter edition. Will the Api (jar files)/rapidminer commands still work in my java application?
The main website did not mention this and if it did, I didn't see. Could I get some information on this matter?



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    a Java program would need to supply its own license. Otherwise, it would automatically use the locally available (or not available) license in the .RapidMiner folder.
    Please note that using the RapidMiner Studio API in your own Java program requires you to purchase an OEM license.

    Going down from a Trial to a Starter, you will no longer be able to use advanced datasources like databases etc. You will also be limited to 1GB of main memory instead of 8GB.

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