"Using third-parties' libraries in own extensions"

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I have written an extension that uses some third-parties' classes. The extension works well if I put the third-parties' jar files into my extension project's lib folder and then run the build.xml for my extension. In this case, when building the extension, the content of the third-parties' jar files is copied into the extension jar file.

However, I would prefer that the third-parties' classes are not included into the extension. Instead, the users of my extension should download the latest versions of these classes themselves. I have found out that adding the line
<property name="build.noRebundleJars" value="true" />
to the build.xml file has the effect that the files from the extension project's lib folder are not added to the extension jar file anymore. However, the extension created in this way does not work anymore. I thought that copying all the required jar files into the lib folder of the RapidMiner program folder would help - but it does not.

Does anybody know what I have to do such that RapidMiner will find the external classes?

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