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how to get the data between two tags

sukhsukh Member Posts: 43 Contributor II
edited November 2018 in Help
hi everyone,
i have a text file:

<TEXT>We have only had the Edge for 3 weeks and 1200 clicks but so far we are very impressed. The handling, comfort and ride is excellent. I don't think we could of picked a better all around driver.</TEXT>
<FAVORITE>Vista Roof (BAMR)and great rear seat room. I read the reviewers complaints about no third row seat. If it had one we would not of bought it. It is a sporty people mover with style. The handling is superb and very confident. I like the balance between ride and handling - Ford nailed this one!</FAVORITE>
<TEXT>Spent 3 months looking for CUV. Tried the Edge, CRV, RAV4, Pilot, Outlander, VUE, CX-7, & CX-9. Came down to the CX- 7 & the Edge. After driving them back to back, the Edge came out on top. Not as "sporty", but V-6 feels stronger than the Turbo 4 & burns regular. Vista Roof is incredible. It's like having a convertible CUV. Nav & Sound system are great, along with SIRIUS. Got Black/Black with the 18" chrome wheels...fantastic looking vehicle just adds to great driving experience. Contrary to a magazine review I read, brakes work very well. I may even buy a few shares of Ford stock - the Edge is that good. Great follow-up to the Fusion/Milan/MKZ. Proves they can build best-in-class autos.</TEXT>
<FAVORITE>NAV, Audio, & Sirius. Seat position is perfect; good lumbar & nice to have telescoping wheel, too. Flex seating opens up a lot of cargo space very easily. Exterior design is striking - neighbors thought it was luxury import. V-6 & 6-sp tranny are smooth, powerful, and take regular. Many others.</FAVORITE>
<TEXT>I have owned this vehicle for two weeks and, so far, I love it. I had a Volvo XC70 and I prefer the Edge over the Volvo. The overall feel of quality is remarkable. This vehicle is smoother, quieter, and faster than the Volvo and has more room inside. The motor revs freely and pulls hard from a stop, with the help of the close ratio 6-speed automatic.</TEXT>
<FAVORITE>The Edge looks great from all angles and is very comfortable inside. The reclining rear seat is great when riding in the back with our new baby. Plenty of room for all of our stuff. The panoramic roof is awesome!</FAVORITE>

i want to extract date , author and text for each document.
each row contain one document with corresponding, author, text and date.
as i have  used string matching for extracting date and text.but it gives only first document's date, author and text.


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    awchisholmawchisholm RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 458 Unicorn

    There are some examples here that you could copy.


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    sukhsukh Member Posts: 43 Contributor II
    Respected Sir,
    i have looked into that. But my problem is bit different.AS in my case i want an excel file which contains two columns (date, text). the data in these columns are extracted from text document having various html tags.
    i have used extract information using string matching. but i get only one instance of date and text instead of having all the date and text data.the code for my process is as follows:
    Kindly help me.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
    <process version="6.3.000">
      <operator activated="true" class="process" compatibility="6.3.000" expanded="true" name="Process">
        <process expanded="true">
          <operator activated="true" class="text:create_document" compatibility="6.1.000" expanded="true" height="60" name="Create Document" width="90" x="45" y="120">
            <parameter key="text" value="&lt;DOCNO&gt;2007_ford_edge&lt;/DOCNO&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;08/31/2009&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;DC2NY&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;I purchased my Edge 1/09. I got it used with about 31k miles on it. The only problem with it was a noise coming from the gas tank. Once I let the dealership know, they took care of it free of charge to me. They said that it was the mechanism that keeps us from hearing the gasoline moving back and forth in the tank. Mine was loose and making lots of noise. No problems now!!! I travel to New York about twice a month and this is one sturdy and comfortable ride. The back seats recline some and the front seats are just wonderful. There is ample space in the back for luggage. Other than the gas tank issue, this has been a great experience thus far!&lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;Volume control on steering wheel.&lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;08/11/2009&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;Ingrid&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;My Edge has stalled on me several times usually @ stop lights and the Dealer can't find anything wrong with it.Does anybody have the same problem? The tires are very noisy (Hancook)and I had a rear bearing replaced already.&lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;I like the style&lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;06/22/2009&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;Rich9294&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;This is the first U.S car that I have owned that equals Honda in quality. It is a safe car, with good handling and a good ride. &lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;Quiet ride, air conditioning, stereo and highway mileage. I have gotten as high as 27.5 on the road while driving 65 mph.&lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;06/06/2009&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;Doug&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;Nav is kinda lousy. The rear dvd is awesome. Heated seats are insanly awesome. Love toasty buns. Motors right along. Looks better with 20's.&lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;Looks. Heated seats. DVD. &lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;05/31/2009&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;Sue&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;I received my Edge in May 2007. Vehicle was great until January 2008, when it started leaking transmission fluid. Brought to the dealership they told me nothing was leaking. I had to ride with windows down in January in Maine. They replaced seals in the differtial many times. The transmission has been replaced. Still leaking. Ford rep finally looked a the vehicle and they are replacing everything again. If this doesn't work they say they will buy the vehicle back. The vista roof also stuck open in a rain storm. Not fun!! The dealership had the vehicle for three weeks, during the repair they dented the roof, drivers door, and scrathed the doors on the inside. Dealership not helpful &lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;Sharp exterior&lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;05/20/2009&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;MM&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;The oil is constantly leaking have had the car in the shop multiple times, they can never find it or say that it doesn't need to be filled all the way for the transmission, then my panoramic sun roof exploded/shattered over my head one night driving down the road, nothing hit it and there were no other cars/trees, just shattered, scared me to death. Shock on right side leaking, smoking, fixed, not fixed, lost part, not the right part, what other excuse could Ford give. This is my first and last Ford, oh and the paint has bubbled on the drivers side door and the door lock on that side will never unlock with automatic unlock and they say it needs oil, ha that doesn't work either&lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;Seats fold flat in back, lots of interior space, comfortable ride&lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;05/13/2009&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;Jason&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;This vehicle shows the direction Ford is going. Better interiors, high quality and still amazing performance. This makes it a winner. I think any Dad would love this as a very safe, fun and versicle package. This car received the highest score for safety. Believe me once someone hits you and you are in a car accident you will check this every time before making a decision on a car for you and you family. Safest CUV available. I think any young or fun couple with love to have this in their garage.&lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;Love the performance and the interior! I moved with this vehicle. It was perfect with the back seat down 7 ft of cargo length. WOW&lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;03/20/2009&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;Rich Carlson&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;I bought an SEL+ in Creme Brulee, loaded with all the options including the panorama roof and navigation system. I traded in a 2004 Explorer Eddie Bauer V8 for the Edge. Compared to the Explorer I like the ride, lower step in height, better mileage, and roomy back seat. On the downside the interior of the Edge is a sea of hard plastic and poorly styled interior elements; compare the front interior door panel of the Edge to a Saturn Outlook and you will see what I mean. The interior is way to cheap and cold feeling for a $35,000 car. The navigation system is good, but not great. &lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;I like the panorama vist sunroof, seating comfort is great, rear seat legroom is great.&lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;03/14/2009&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;Brandus40&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;My Edge is currently being serviced for it's fourth transmission seal and second PTU Assembly. Soon after purchase the interior began to rattle and reveal the cheap material and poor workmanship. The brakes perform poorly and the car continues to pull to the left for no reason. The dealer and Ford offer no support except to tell me the transmission problems are a known Edge defect. AWD is great in the winter, it's quiet, and the engine is powerful. Average 18 mpg. When not in the garage it's a fun car to drive.&lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;Engine, Exterior design, AWD&lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;03/06/2009&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;yvette desprez&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;december 18th 2008 I purchased a 2007 ford edge. i have enormous problem with the transmission&lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;&lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;09/01/2007&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;Ken Smith&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;What a difference from my orginal 06 Ford Escape Hybrid to a 07 Ford Edge, Ride is excellent and power is great, could have tuned engine better for better gas mileage, but I will give up the 3 or 4 miles over my Escape, Hybrid. With the Edge I will have the A/C always on, with the Hybrid you loose the A/C on Hybrid mode, Beware. Towing was real easy and with the all wheel drive a breeze with getting the boat out of the water. Styling has got allot of eyes looking at it and saying what is that and when I say a Ford, they say no way with that style. I would suggest test driving and seeing for yourself. &lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;Excellent power, great seats, simple but easy to use options &lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;09/01/2007&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;Randy - Dothan, AL&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;We have had our Edge for about a month now and are very pleased with the purchase. A couple of recommendations to Ford though: 1) the rear hatch needs to be power operated, 2) improve the vents on the driver's side, air seems to hit the steering wheel and doesn't cool the drive well. Initial quality has been outstanding. Built solid and has low road noise. Doesn't sit too high for my 5'2&quot; wife to get in and out of, but is good hight for visibility. Gas mileage is fair, but we knew it wouldn't be great with the powerful 3.5L V-6.&lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;Initial quality is good. Smooth ride. Just the right height.&lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DOC&gt;&#10;&lt;DATE&gt;08/31/2007&lt;/DATE&gt;&#10;&lt;AUTHOR&gt;EdgeownerVA&lt;/AUTHOR&gt;&#10;&lt;TEXT&gt;I purchased this vehicle in June with high hopes, I'm over 6ft. After living with the vehicle I am sadly disappointed in its comfort. If your over I say 5'10 you need not apply. The seat bottom cushions are far to short to offer support for longer legs. The footwell for the driver is short on space also, making driving very uncomfortable and your only relief is when you go to cruise control on a hwy. Despite the suspect claims of good gas mileage from other reviewers the gas mileage stinks, only 18 for a 6cyl. is absurd. An Expedition gets as good. I was only getting 10 at first. I'm light footed on the gas so I dont hotdog. Im looking for a new vehicle. &lt;/TEXT&gt;&#10;&lt;FAVORITE&gt;Nav and vista roof&lt;/FAVORITE&gt;&#10;&lt;/DOC&gt;&#10;&#10;&#10;"/>
          <operator activated="true" class="text:extract_information" compatibility="6.1.000" expanded="true" height="60" name="Extract Information" width="90" x="45" y="30">
            <list key="string_machting_queries">
              <parameter key="date" value="&lt;DATE&gt;.&lt;/DATE&gt;"/>
              <parameter key="text" value="&lt;TEXT&gt;.&lt;/TEXT&gt;"/>
            <list key="regular_expression_queries">
              <parameter key="date1" value="&lt;DATE&gt;?&lt;/DATE&gt;"/>
            <list key="regular_region_queries"/>
            <list key="xpath_queries"/>
            <list key="namespaces"/>
            <list key="index_queries"/>
            <list key="jsonpath_queries"/>
          <connect from_op="Create Document" from_port="output" to_op="Extract Information" to_port="document"/>
          <connect from_op="Extract Information" from_port="document" to_port="result 1"/>
          <portSpacing port="source_input 1" spacing="0"/>
          <portSpacing port="sink_result 1" spacing="0"/>
          <portSpacing port="sink_result 2" spacing="0"/>


    Thanks and Regards:
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    awchisholmawchisholm RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 458 Unicorn
    Hello Sukh

    I'm sure you could solve this on your own. Be brave!


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    sukhsukh Member Posts: 43 Contributor II
    Thanks Sir, With your encouragement i could do it.

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