Rapid Miner for Deep Brain Stimulation

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Hi everyone, 


I am a MD student in France and I work on computer-assisted deep brain stimulation surgery. Our team recently proposed data-driven solutions to predict side-effect in deep brain stimulation. Thanks to RapidMiner, we have been able to quickly implement artificial neural network to solve our problems.


There is some tiny area inside the brain that are responsible for unbearable side-effect. These areas cannot be distinguished on clinical images. Therefore, we fed the neural network with spatial coordinates of the brain and trained it to predict the occurence of the side effects. And it worked well !


I am planning to share the process with RapidMiner community. For further details I invite you to check this paper:Image-guided preoperative prediction of pyramidal tract side effect in deep brain stimulation, Baumgarten, Zhao, Sauleau, Malrain, Jannin, Haegelen. Free PDF available on https://www.researchgate.net/publication/298972252_Image-guided_preoperative_prediction_of_pyramidal_tract_side_effect_in_deep_brain_stimulation




Clément Baumgarten


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