Euclidean Distance Normalization

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Hi everyone,


I am working at the moment with the process attached.
I have two questions in this regard:

1. When I am using "Term Frequency" as word vector, are my distance results already normalized or not? If not using the normalize operator I always get negative values which, to my understanding, cannot be as distance needs to be positive and euclidean distance is computed on a square root function? Either way I used the "normalize" operator afterwards, however I get results that are between -5,xxx and +0,4xxx. That doesn't seem to be normalized? I thought I would receive something between 0 and 1 (0=less distance=very similar; 1=great distance=dissimilar). When I use cosine similarity I get perfect results between 0 and 1 (which is consistent with the cosine function).


2. If I am using this exact process on RM7 (at the moment I am using RM5), I don't get the same results. I only get 0 or 1 values as output?! Is a process on RM5 not compatible with RM7?


Any help appreciated!

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