importing multiple date or time attributes with different formats

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I'm just starting with RapidMiner and really struggling with importing a csv file with multiple date and time columns.


RM does not seem to identify any of the columns correctly, and the wizard is stalling because I have a UTF-16 input file (is that a bug?).


I have externally converted to UTF-8 so at least the wizard is showing something other than Chinese script, but I can't find a way to set the date format differently on each attribute.


Stripped down example




time, date, time, date-time


I'm aware that I don't need both the timestamp and the start date and start time, but at the moment I'm trying to learn how to make RM work.


Thanks for any suggestions.


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    you can read this all in as polynominal and then use various Nominal to Date operators to parse your dates individually.



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