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"Text Mining and the Word List"

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Using Process Documents (from Data) you are able to generate a tokenized example set from a given set of documents. If you use one Process documents for your training and another for the testing you might get the error incompatible number of attributes if you apply the model.


The problem probably that you did not transfer the word list from one Process Documents to the other. The wordlist contains mainly two information:

  •  Which attribute to generate
  • The normalization

If you do not transfer the wordlist over, words which do not occur in your document won't create a attribute. In case of pruning different words will be deleted from your bag of words. Another effect is of course that even if you create the same attributes, your normalization (of TF/IDF) might be different.




Transfer over the wordlist created in your training stream over to the application stream. Thus you create

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