Error in runing process through rapid miner server

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Hello Rapid Miner Community!

 i am getting error when i am runing process through rapid miner server. process is already saved in local repository  and server repository  but still i got error when  i run two kinds of error please checks these








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    looking at your 2nd picture, the problems in order are:


    1. //Local Repository is a repository name which your Server will not know. This is an identifier only known to your local Studio instance. You could also name your repository "My repository" or whatever, that's only for you. So running a process on RM Server will fail because the Server does not know anything about your repository naming scheme. To fix that, we suggest not using absolute paths on Server. Instead using relative paths from your process will work much better. If you need to use an absolute path for some reason, there is an internally used name by RapidMiner Server to resolve his own repository: //_LOCAL/folder/to/process/MyProcess
    2. The 2nd problem is your process is now using a relative path, but it tries to travel one up. This takes it outside of the user home folder and into the /home root folder. Your user does not have write permissions for that folder, so the path resolution fails. Either grant write permissions to that folder for your user, or write to a local data folder in your user's home folder.



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