Reading Customer Reviews for Sentiment Analysis from Excel

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I am new to using rapid miner for sentiment analysis/text mining. I watched couple of videos. I used the tokenize, filter, stop words etc. 


I have customer id, review date, year of review (Computed from 2nd), customer location (From web scaped data) and the customer review. The field name in Excel is Customer_reviews.When I import the excel, the customer_review comes up as polynomial. 


I also get all the positive/negative word list as one word in rapidminer, where as when I look it up in Notepad++, it is all in a separted lines.


How do I use the customer_review as a text to arrive at sentiments using postive/negative word list? 


Could some one point me the right direction? 


Thanks for your time.






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    jesus_martinez_jesus_martinez_ Member Posts: 2 Contributor I

    Hi there,


    I'm trying to use AYLIEN extension to conduct an Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis. 

    There is a parameter called "domain" in which I have to choose between the following options: "cars", "hotels", "airlines" or "restaurants". My question is whether this extension is limited to only those domains. If not, which of them can we use as default?


    Thanks in advance.

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    MartinLiebigMartinLiebig Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, University Professor Posts: 3,517 RM Data Scientist

    Hi Jesus,


    the aspect based ones are w.r.t these aspects. Simply choose the generic Extract Sentiment to get a general one.



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