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I'm pretty new to RapidMiner and just discovering it at the moment with my student license. But I've faced a problem that RapidMiner crashes without any notification - just quits. This can happen both during heavy calculations and just when reading built-in tutorial. 


That upsets a bit - I can lose my process unless I save it every minute.


I've updated Java but the problem remains. Any suggestions?



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    Dear d1man,


    could you have a look at your log files? Or post it here? 
    Details on the location can be found on the KB: http://community.rapidminer.com/t5/RapidMiner-Studio-Knowledge-Base/Where-do-I-find-log-files-in-case-there-is-a-problem-with/ta-p/27



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    to me that sounds more like a defect RAM module or overclocked CPU than RapidMiner problematic. I'm really using it on the edge of (actually any) hardware I can get under my fingers and this never occurred...

    On the other hand I had a PC where I plugged in DDR3 memory modules, that actually only was able to work proberly on DDR3L module (yeah read the manual before you order components). The effect was pretty similar: Random crashes without any notification after some time and only under heavy load. Guess it took some time until the built in margin in the circuts went thin due to heat etc.




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