How to Filter Attributes Based on the Minimum Value

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For my recent blog post i needed to filter out all attributes having at least one value above a threshold. Traditionally i did this with Transpose, Filter Examples, Transpose again.

I realized that there is a way nicer way which i would like to share with you.

If you have a look at Select Attributes you can choose attribute filter type "numeric_value_filter". This can use used like this


For example the numeric condition '> 6' will keep all nominal attributes and all numeric attributes having a value of greater than 6 in every example

Which is nice, but not exactly what i wanted to have. To filter not on any all values of the attributes but on the overall minimum we can use an Aggregate operator to get the minimum for all attributes. On this we can use the Select Attributes with the numeric _value_filter_option. After removing the minimum(...) with a Rename by Replacing Operator we have the schema we wanted.

The trick is now to use Data to Weights to get a weight vector of all present attributes. Applying this weight vector with Select by Weights yields to the desired result.

The complete process looks like this




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    mario_sarkmario_sark Member Posts: 13 Contributor I

    Hi michmitz i have question concerning integration between qlikview and rapidminer.

    i know that rapidminer can tranform the data in qvx file that can be read with qlikview.. but my is if i already have qvd files from qlikview can i import it to rapidminer and work on it to great a model? 

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