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Downloading Rapidminer older versions

hasanhasan Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
edited November 2018 in Help



where can I download older versions of the Rapidminer Studio community or basic editions (e.g. version 6)? Since the newest community version (7.2) limits the data source count to 10000, i would like to switch to an older version where there is no such restriction. However, do not find it anywhere. 



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    JEdwardJEdward RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 578 Unicorn
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    Hi Hasan, What's the use case for using the older version? If you're not using it commercially then why not apply for the personal use licence? then you get all the features & not data limits for free.

    If you are using it commercially, is it not providing enough value to the business to justify the cost? If not, maybe start a discussion here and we can help you with ideas for building your business case. :)


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    naglaafcinaglaafci Member Posts: 6 Contributor II

    i want to download rapidminer studio 6.2 very urgently

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    Thomas_OttThomas_Ott RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,761 Unicorn

    The current free version of RapidMiner Studio is v7.3, please download that one. 


    Note: It does have the 10,000 row limit. If you need a trial that unlocks unlimited rows, I'd suggest you reach out our sales department.



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    earmijoearmijo Member Posts: 271 Unicorn

    Hi Thomas:


    I teach a course in Data Mining at a Business School. Our students stay in the program for 18 months. 


    I have two reason to continue using version 6.5. and I would like to know where I stand "legally":


    1) I created a set of very detailed tutorial for version 6.5. Version 7.3 does not do anything that version 6.5 does not (at least for the things I need). So I don't want to spend the time to create the tutorials for version 7.3.


    2) Initially, the academic licenses were granted for a year. That worked great for me. Students only had to ask to renew at the end of the first year. Now licences last 3 months. It's annoying to ask student to renew 6 times. 


    Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful to RapidMiner. They have let me use a great piece of software with my students without any cost. What I want to know is : Am I violating any laws if I keep using 6.5. 

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    Thomas_OttThomas_Ott RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,761 Unicorn

    I'm not a lawyer but in theory you could use 6.5 for as long as you want BUT you're going to miss out on a lot of great RapidMiner enhancements (i.e. data core, parallelizaiton, deep learning, etc).  If you're in education, check out our educational program:



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    JEdwardJEdward RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 578 Unicorn


    Did you manage to resolve your need for RapidMiner 6.1 with a newer version of RapidMiner? 

    As Tom mentioned, it really is losing out if you don't try out 7.3, but if you do really, really need it then when downloading you can replace the version numbers of the AmazonS3 link with a different RM version. 


    So for example:

    would become:


    Please note that I doubt that RM would provide commercial support for these older versions, nor have I checked if the licencing mechanism would still function.  But if you download it then you can have a try.



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    earmijoearmijo Member Posts: 271 Unicorn

    Thanks for the links JEdward.  I understand perfectly that the new version is superior, but I teach an introductory Data MIning course. Version 6.5 is more than enough for me. 


    The main reasons for staying with version 6.5 are:


    1) I have detailed tutorials in Spanish for version 6.5 but not for version 7.3. Eventually (probabily soon) I'll prepare those tutorials and I will migrate. 


    2) Academic licenses last 3 months only. It's a hassle for students to keep renewing it. They don't have to do it with version 6.5. Once the commercial version expires, RM turns into the Community Edition. 

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    stevefarrstevefarr Member Posts: 93 Maven

    Hi @earmijo


    Martin has informed me about the situation and I will send you a personal message here with the correct information to resolve this.


    Bets regards



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    vrrrao2003vrrrao2003 Member Posts: 1 Contributor I



    I find this an extremely useful application. I faced a similar problem. I had to deal with a data size of 20000 but for some academic purposes; I am freelancer but I am not even sure how many times I could be using this. I am trying to download older version mentioned here but could I kindly suggest if it is possible from your side to launch an SAAS model for Rapidminer for varying sizes (pay as you use) way?


    Thanks and best regards,


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    consultiaproconsultiapro Member Posts: 1 Contributor I

    I understand the commercial reasons for moving Rapid Miner to a subscription model and providing a very limited version for personal use. However, by doing so, you have locked enthusiasts and potential developers from the product. I have created models based on version 6.0+ that will not now work on version 7.0+. Also, some good rapid miner books were written for 6.0+ and 7.0+, like the other forum poster (Hassan), I too will look and find version 6.5 and have no intention to migrate version 7.0. I see no harm in you making these older versions available as other well known software companies do. The benefit to you, if not for purely monetary reasons, is the dividend of a committed community of enthusiasts who ‘spread the word’ for Rapid miner as mature data science tool for FREE!

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    sgenzersgenzer Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Community Manager, Member, University Professor, PM Moderator Posts: 2,959 Community Manager

    hello @consultiapro - thank you for your message.  I am picking up this thread and just wanted to clarify a few things that were posted earlier.  Some things have changed over time...


    1. Users are always welcome to use older versions of RapidMiner if they wish.  They are very easily accessed by logging into your RapidMiner account and going to your Downloads page.  At the bottom you will see something like this:


    Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 9.24.12 AM.png


    Click on that menu at the bottom and download to your heart's content.


    2. RapidMiner continues to honor its commitment to the open source community.  The entire core, including the most recent version 7.6.1, is openly available in GitHub for the world to use.  And the vast majority of RapidMiner users continue to be happy, productive users of the free license of our most recent versions of the software.


    3. I would respectfully disagree that the free license version of RapidMiner 7.6.1 is "very limited".  You have full functionality of the entire software package.  The only real limitation is that you are restricted to 10,000 rows of data (that's a heck of a lot of rows), and if you refer a friend, you get an additional 10,000 rows and so on.  That's pretty generous.  Most of our users who are analyzing more than 20,000 rows of data and  are not in academia are either consultants (as I was) or working for a company directly; these users are the ones who should and are able to purchase licenses like I did.


    4. I would love to learn more about the models you have created with RapidMiner 6.0+ that do not work with RapidMiner 7.0+ and help transfer these over if desired.  RapidMiner is pretty backwards-compatible although of course some operators have changed over the years.


    5. Most importantly, please know that we very much appreciate ALL enthusiasts of RapidMiner and welcome your thoughts and opinions to help "spread the word."  I hope to continue to see you here in the community and will do the best I can to help you accomplish your data science projects.




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    Thomas_OttThomas_Ott RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,761 Unicorn

    If you're using RapidMiner to build models and get value you from it, share the love and buy a license.  Let's face it, it costs $ to build new extension and develop Studio (+ other RM products) to be better and better with each release. It's the standard time vs $ trade off and you do have options. If you don't want to spend the money then you an code all this in R and Python, if speed to market is important, then buying a license of RM makes sense. 

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    developeralgo22developeralgo22 Member Posts: 2 Contributor I

    i do understand the reasons for RapidMiner having limitations to newer product version  but as a consultant , I am asking myself what on earth are they thinking . Its your developers and users that make or break your product in terms of sales not the Large companies. The Large companies only jump in because the users or developer base is large enough for them to get experts to work on their projects and deliver to the market. Where on earth do you analyze anything less than  10,000 rows  or locking it to logical processors? On which planet are you guys living on ? MARS ?. I do analyze Financial time series data ( TICK DATA )  and a single file is about  3.2 GBs of data ( over 3 Million Rows ),   and use my home workstation with 2 x Intel Xeon CPUs (10 Cores each ) with 2 GPUs .  So having to pay USD$ 10,000 per License per year is even laughable and outright insanity . Does anyone remember " Martin Shkreli " . This reminds me exactly of that guy.  If Developers abandon RapidMiner  they would not have any sales or market . I suggest we do exactly that.  We don't mind paying something small for Open Source for it to progress but outright deceptions and restrictions to your developers/users   is not good for business.  I am starting a facebook or online petition  #AbandonRapidMiner_Greed.  Why do you think Large Companies are choosing to completely Open Source their software ? its because to gain market share = Sales , you need a committed developer or user  base not overcharging your developers and users or applying restritrictions . Learn from Google's TensorFlow, Keras, MXNet, KNIME, ORANGE  and others.  

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    hughesfleming68hughesfleming68 Member Posts: 323 Unicorn

    @developeralgo22 . Your post makes you sound like you are barely old enough to drive a car. As you mentioned, there are open source alternatives that potentially can manage more data. Go ahead and choose one. 


    There should be a black list for garbage posts like this. By the way, 3 gigs of tick data? You are trying to model noise. You might want to rethink that idea.



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    Thomas_OttThomas_Ott RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,761 Unicorn

    @developeralgo22 since you're a consultant, have you thought about reaching out to the partner team at RapidMiner? If you become a partner you get access to all the products, unrestricted. That said, you do have to qualify for the program. 


    It all comes down to speed IMHO. I couldn't do my consulting WITHOUT RapidMiner. If I did, it would way slower and most likely prone to error because I'm not a classically trained coder. 

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    sgenzersgenzer Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Community Manager, Member, University Professor, PM Moderator Posts: 2,959 Community Manager

    hello @developeralgo22 -


    First of all, I am the Senior Community Manager here and wish to welcome you to the RapidMiner Community. There is a lot of vitriol in your message so I am choosing not to address those parts. Please allow me to address some of your thoughts:


    i do understand the reasons for RapidMiner having limitations to newer product version  but as a consultant , I am asking myself what on earth are they thinking . 

    RapidMiner has been around for about 10 years and has a strong relationship with the consulting community. As others mentioned, consultants work with our partner reps and so on. I myself was an independent RapidMiner data science consultant for five years before working for RapidMiner. I purchased one license which, as far as I was concerned, was the cost of doing business. So that's some of the "thinking."


    Where on earth do you analyze anything less than  10,000 rows  or locking it to logical processors?

    You don't. See above.


    So having to pay USD$ 10,000 per License per year is even laughable and outright insanity .

    So all I can say is that there are many, many independent consultants that do purchase licenses from us and are likely not insane. They are very successful business people like @Telcontar120@kypexin@Thomas_Ott and others.


    So again, I cordially welcome you to this moderated user community and look forward to hearing your thoughts.




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    developeralgo22developeralgo22 Member Posts: 2 Contributor I



    Let me make something clear. I want RapidMiner to be profitable that's the reason you are in business.


    i do appreciate your replies. My reply was to start a conversation about your pricing. i am surprised at reactions from those who are supposed to move the company close to its base . Rapidminer has benefited from Open source community a great deal. Let's be honest. As a consultant you should be aware of costs because its similar to running a business. Just as an example , if you are paying USD$ 10,000 per license per year  , how much are you making as a consultant to justify it as a cost of doing business?  let's take 100K then that's 10% of your income before uncle Sam takes his share of taxes. Its an argument similar to buying Bugatti Chiron and claiming it is the cost of doing business i.e driving. 


    Let's no get into that . I want RapidMiner to make profits i.e you are in business to make Profits not a loss but when you are shooting yourself on the foot it begs the question whats the focus.


    Ask the community , who is willing to pay USD $ 10,000 per License Per year from their own pockets and not from their company  and see the survey results . you will be surprised. 


    Which model do you think users will go for to get the bell & whistles 

    1. Pay USD$ 500 Per User Per Year 

    2. Pay USD$ 10,000 Per User Per Year 


    Which Model do you think will have great sales and grow your paying user base & profits ?

    1. Definately option 1 in this case , because you will be getting a lot of paying user base and that grows profits.


    I would rather have 10 million paying user base ( Each USD$ 500 )  instead of  5000 paying users paying USD$ 10,000 because from research it shows you will not be able to maintain or grow the  10K per license base , Your competition and Margin squeeze will kick you out of business pretty quickly .


    If RapidMiner has not learned that please ask Google  and then think of Yahoo . The Tech industry is littered with great companies that have been relegated to the Dustbin because they never paid attention to their user base 


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    BalazsBaranyBalazsBarany Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert Posts: 955 Unicorn


    [I speak for myself, not for RapidMiner]


    I joined RapidMiner when it was still called Rapid-I and the only office was in Germany. At that time, Studio was completely open source, as a consultant I was working with the version downloaded for the web. As an open source developer and user this was an important factor for me.


    It was quite a shock for me when RapidMiner went closed source with version 6. However, I understood that this is not my decision to make - Ingo and the others are the ones who spent 10+ years on the development of the software and the company. Their decision was to accelerate growth by getting US startup investment and move the headquarters to Boston. The investors wanted a balance between commercial and open source distribution, and that's how it is now, years later.


    We have now the following situation:

    • There's an open source core of RapidMiner Studio available on Github.
    • There's the free, limited (10k to 50k rows if you recommend RapidMiner to friends) Studio
    • There's the free, unlimited academic/research/noncommercial license
    • There's a selection of commercial licenses with different prices and different limits
    • There's even a free Server, limited to evaluation requirements but usable in small environments
    • For partners and Ambassadors there are additional possibilities to get unlimited licenses for less

    In my opinion, this is a good selection of options compared to competitors playing in the same league. This selection should be enough for many situations and still provide a tangible revenue stream for the company.


    I can understand if you have a different opinion, though. You might be in a niche that doesn't have a good option available for them.


    Please don't expect the management of RapidMiner (who decide on the pricing) to discuss pricing with you here in a public forum. You can be assured that the relevant people speak to actual working partners and consultants about product feedback, including the pricing, and use that information in the big picture.


    There are many reasons for open sourcing products and give them away for free. If you think about the companies doing that, you'll see that they only a few of them are software companies. RapidMiner tries to be a software company, so there were long discussions about changing the model. So the decision was made to go with the dual model.


    It is clear that you and many other users would prefer paying 5 % of the current price for a product they use and love. It is also clear that this is not the only aspect of the pricing decision. Having 20 times as many paying customers as now is an assumption that's hard to verify.


    I wish you good luck with your consulting and I hope that you'll find a software with a price you're ready to pay, that makes you as productive as possible. For some people this is RapidMiner, for others it's a different solution.




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    letileti Employee, Member Posts: 22 RM Team Member

    Hi @developeralgo22 - We do have options for our consultants and that is the Ambassador Program as @BalazsBarany has mentioned. If you are interested then please reach out.

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    Thomas_OttThomas_Ott RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,761 Unicorn



    "The signal to noise ratio is always low and financial time series is almost always non stationary."



    That's the exact reason why I invest for the long term across a diversified group of assets. 

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    EdekinEdekin Member Posts: 1 Newbie
    Where can I download version 7.6. My lecturer friend told me to use that for  academic purpose
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