Using free licence account on many devices?

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i have a free license account of Rapidminer 7.2 and i want to temporarily install and use Rapidminer on several devices/computers. In doing so, I have to log-in with the same account on several computers. Is there any count limit of computers onto which a can use my account/license?

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    I am interested in hearing what you are trying to do that require running multiple installations at the same time.


    As for running multiple copies at the same time, it is not allowed. Any license of RapidMiner Studio is intended for only one user to use one copy at any time. The license agreement actually says in paragraph 2.1 (b) make a reasonable number of copies of the Software solely for non-productive, archival purposes. Making copies or multiple installations for other purposes is not part of your license.


    If you are trying to run a number of jobs at the same time please try RapidMiner Server, which allows you to set up multiple scheduled jobs. You have access to a free edition of that with the 7.2 release. If the free edition is not enough for what you are trying to do look at our Educational program (https://rapidminer.com/academia/educational-program/) or we should start to discuss a commercial relationship.

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