Logistic Regression only for 2 Label Classes?

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I had some issues with logistic regression.. to clarify first: can it only handle binomial values, that's said, only label class with 2 possible values ? or also more? because I had nominal label data with 3 classes... it says "cannot handle polynomial label"... when I splitted the dataset into only 2 possible label class values, it seemed to run at least, but then my Rapidminer Studio crashes every time I run it... is it a bug?



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    Can you please share your crashing process and some sample of the data?

    Thanks, Zoltan

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    the logistic regression operator cannot handle any kind of nominal attributes. It can only be applied on data sets with numeric attributes. So you have to use the Nominal to Numerical operator to dummy coding your polynominal attributes.




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    Hi Sigrun,


    the new Logistic Regression algorithm (starting from version 7.2) does handle nominal attributes out of the box.




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