Decision tree classification without process in JAVA

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I have trained my decision tree in RM and now want to load it in my Java application. Once loaded I want to be able to classificate an example (as long as my application is alive). But I do not want to use a process because this would need to reload the model every time. That would not be efficient.

For example:


private String classificate(double[] attributes){

//Create a classification given these attributes

return classification;




Right now I have something like this:




Operator modelReader = OperatorService.createOperator(ModelLoader.class);
modelReader.setParameter("model_file", "C:/Users/birdman/Desktop/TreeModel.mod");

Operator modelApplier = OperatorService.createOperator(ModelApplier.class);
InputPort inApply = modelApplier.getInputPorts().getAllPorts().get(0);




Now I need an operator which has an output linking to the modelApplier's input to generate a classification.


How do I do this? Is this even the right way to realize this?

Thanks in advance,



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