Bug?: loop batches missing output port

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Great progress, RM team. RM is shaping up quite well. I do, however, have one minor gripe.


I'm using loop batches to split a set of a web retrievals. Union is being used to consolidate the results.


However, internal space to loop batches doesn't seem to have an output port. I worked around this using remember/recall, but that's subideal. Also, most other loop operators have an interation macro. It would be nice if loop batches had one too. Any plans for implementing either or both?






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    Thanks for the kind words - much appreciated!  Yes, there has been a lot of good development recently :smileyvery-happy:


    I can't (and won't :smileywink:) promise too much but we actually will have a look into the loop operators for other reasons anyway before the end of the year - I will make sure that your comments make it to the team to see if they can fit this in.




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    aruberutouaruberutou Member Posts: 23 Contributor II

    Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to future developements. :)

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    Since this bug still seems present,

    I wonder if you could provide a workaround with the Remember/Recall operators? I would very much appreciate it.


    I only get the last iteration from the Recall operator outside the Loop Batches operator. And if I use the Recall Operator with a macro to save several batches, I do not know how to access them outisde the Loop Batches operator.


    Thank you!

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