Rapidminer webservices: login and autoidentificaion

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Hi, Ingo

We have RapidMiner version 6.4.


Our group is going to integrate QLIK and I just exported few processes and created webservices. 

I decided to test these webservices with Chrome browser, all executions are successful, but I had experienced problems with login/autoidentification.


So, let’s assume I created my webservice simply_a_test, no parameters.

I can log to RapidMiner server dev-rm01 as Admin with password Password123.

  1. I  go to Chrome browser and run my web service as recommended:




Login doesn’t work: I have an initial RM server screen asking me about the user name and password


  1. Ok, I login and try again to run same web service without login - It works perfectly.
  2. Using of Admin: Password123@ is a standard way to login for a web service and recommended by RapidMiner and by QLIK.


  1.  I guess that something wrong with configuration of our RapidMiner server


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    I am not the biggest Server expert here so I hope that others can chime in.  For now, I might be able to offer you a workaround though if the data behind the web service is not critical or the access is secured by other means.


    This workaround would be to make the web service accessible to anybody knowing the URL via the concept of the special user "anonymous".  The basic idea is to change two settings in the Server configuration, create a new user called "anonymous", and give this user access to the process behind the web service.  You can then access this web service with a special URL.  For more information please refer to this documentation page:  http://docs.rapidminer.com/server/administration/user-management/special-users.html


    I also found an older post on this here in the forum which might be helpful: http://community.rapidminer.com/t5/RapidMiner-Server/Is-the-webservice-available-without-logging-in/m-p/12596


    But again, this is only possible if accessing the WS is not a security risk or there are other means of protection.  If this is not the case here, I am afraid that one of our Server experts will need to have a look.


    Hope that helps,


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    I just tested this again on RM Server 7.2 and I can access non-public web services by just calling http://myUser:myPassword@localhost:8080/api/rest/process/generated-chart


    So this does work. However I cannot speak for RM Server 6.4 as that is using an older version of JBoss which may or may not work in that regard. As that version was not freely available, you must have a support contract for it. So all I can do for that is to tell you to please go to https://support.rapidminer.com and ask for help there. I don't know why it would not work with RM Server 6.4.




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