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Hi RapidMiner,


I used Apply Model to do a classification, I tried to use "Select Attributes" to extract the special attributes from the output (e.g. prediction(label), confidence(yes), confidence(no)) but could not find these attributes in "select attributes" list (although i checked "include special attributes").


My ultimate goal is to gather all the predictions from many binary classifiers to build the output for a multi-class classifier.


Thank you!

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    phivuphivu Member Posts: 34 Guru
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    Thanks Martin, it worked, but when i put a Rename operator after the Select Attributes and manually type in the attribute name in the Rename, this time it said "Attribute not found", i also tried the "rename additional attributes".

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    phivuphivu Member Posts: 34 Guru
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    I just want to update the solution for my question. I tried to run the process again, although it still showed a red color at the Rename operator input port, but when I run the process, I got what I want. The error checking process and the GUI synchronization/update are quite lagging.




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    Hi Phivucs,


    sometimes the meta-data propagation simply does not catch the newly created attributes. you can simply add them to the list of select subset by hand (typing it in the upper right field and press +). It works afterwards.



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