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I update my rapidminer into 7.2.1 version. before i update my rapidminer edition is community edition. but when i update into new version my rapidminer become free edition.

how i can get back to community edition. because, in free edition i can load more than 10.000 data.




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    "RapidMiner Community" edition now becomes "RapidMiner Free". This gives you the option to use the full set of functionality on your data set,access to all data types we support and includes Server and Radoop options for the first time.


    If your data set exceeds 10k rows, then RM will automatically downsample your data - see here, https://rapidminer.com/new-rapidminer-pricing-faq/


    You can still of course download RapidMiner Studio source code under AGPL3 license at GitHub.https://github.com/rapidminer/rapidminer-studio






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    So cant we use rapidminer free edition with more than 10000 rows?, this is so nonsense ! Then there is no reason to use rapidminer free anymore. I can not run my analysis with more than 10000 rows, which i have applied before. Just to consider money, rapidminer will lose its users.

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    Let me chime in here. We had some discussion on our blog on this recently and here is my summary of arguments:


    1. RapidMiner is free without any row limit for educational and personal users: https://rapidminer.com/educational-program/


    2. Consultants can and should apply to become a partner so that they can get access to the full version of RapidMiner as well.


    3. For commercial users, we feel the row-based pricing model fairly captures the value of our products.  You generate value with RapidMiner and at the same time you do not think it is justified to share this success with us?



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