Reports: Modify sequence / Log scale for color data in report plot

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Hi again,


I have two questions to reports (report extension):


1. I have generated my first process with the report extension. I added the report generator and 3 different reports. Everything works good and I get a pdf with the desired output. But I want to change the sequence of the single reports in the pdf, so that the first report will be moved to the end of the pdf and the last report to the beginning. Is that possible?


2. In the report settings I selected "Reportable Type" as "Data Table" and "Reportable View" as "Plot View". The "plotter" feature is set to "Scatter". Now first there is a setting "scatter plot column" that needs to be renamed to "scatter plot color" because it handles the color. Additionally I miss the check box "scatter color log scale" just as it exists for x- and y-axis and as it is selectable in the normal charts diagram. Is this a bug or do I have to set something else to make that visible? If this is really missing (in this version of the reports extension): Does anyone know a workaround for that, maybe a separate process element for putting a log scale to a specific column of a data set?



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