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Dear Community,

Sorry for a beginner's question. I have a WS which 1) accepts text to perform some analysis, 2) returns a token which informs whether the analysis finished successfully/failed/is still in progress (because it can take some time to end, 3) can be queried to get execution status. What is the best way to model checking the execution status in RapidMiner in a loop and a break when status is 'finished'?

Thank you for your help.


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    OK, problem solved: Loop Until returns IOObjectCollection so Append did the trick.




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    Just for the future since I figured it out. I used Loop Until with the following subprocess:

    1. remove the attribute to avoid duplicate status

    2. enrich data with WS to get status

    3. filter examples with certain status

    4. set performance based on number of examples

    and set condition on performance with min and max criterion set to 1.

    The loop checks whether status is not the one I would like to get, it this is the case, the only example is removed and the loop can run again.


    Now the problem is that RS screams "Input is missing, loop until did not produce any output". I have Performance outputs attached to Loop Until outputs but still next component which requires Example Set as input is not matching with Loop Until's out. How to correct that?



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