Saving subprocess in RM 7.2 not good

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Dear All,


I used to save subprocess with specific operators to execute a specific function. I was able copy-paste these subprocesses as if they were small building blot.

It turn out that this is not work well in RM 7.2. I try to copy a subprocess and its content is not copied togheter.

Can anybody elaborate on that please? Why is this simple copy paste functionality not working anylonger?


Best, Pennoca.


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    This functionality is still working fine for me in version 7.2--copying the subprocess creates another version of the subprocess with all the original operators inside the subprocess.  How are you doing the copy/paste operation?  For me, the simple keyboard shortcuts work fine (CTL-C and CTL-V).  


    You can also just right click on the subprocess and save as building block as well if you'd rather do it that way.





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    This was a bug back in v 7.0, it should be fixed.  I don't see this problem anymore and I'm on v 7.2.002.  

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    This was broken in Studio 7.2.0 and have been fixed quickly in 7.2.1.

    Please upgrade your Studio from the Marketplace.

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