possibility to save Attributes? / Attribute Weights?

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I want to save the Attribute Names of Attribute Weights results (those with value 1), in some file or Macro, and then Load the file or use the macro to set those attribute names to select them and set them automatically in the select Attributes operator. Is that somehow possible?

I want to built a combined forward backward algorithm, where I first forward search attributes, set them in the select attributes operator for the bw elimination, and those again from the bw elimination for the  fw selection algorithm, and I want to do this in a loop, until performance compared to previous performance gets not better anymore..


Is it possible to save the attribute names results and set them in the select attributes operator somehow?


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    Maybe select by weights simply solves it?



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    yup you are right ;)


    and is there some way to "save" the performance of an attribute combination, and compare it to the next run performance from an operator `?


    and then continue the loop if performance now >> (bigger) last performance ? and abort if performance now << last performance?

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