simple way to collect and append example sets?

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I have different select subprocesses for preprocessing stages, model learning, result collection, etc.

furthermore, I have a collection of metadata about settings in operators (like split ratio in sample, selected attributes etc..). Currently, I have those metadata generated by "Generate by user data" operator. When I run the main process, the select subprocesses are run according to the number that I chose to select. The metadata is also created in the subprocesses. Now, when the main process comes to an end, is there any way to collect all of the different metadata into on example set, like in append operator or something similar? and how do I get the example sets to there, its tedious to direct them out of the subprocess ports and union them in one operator...

isn't there any operator that can call them  by operator name? there should be an append operator (or all operators in general) that could call results from operators by giving the operator name, would make it easier for everything..

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    i see two ways:

    1. Store them in a temp folder in the repo and use Loop repositories.

    2. Use Publish to App with a counter, recall them where ever you want.



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