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Hi, dude. I'm new in rapidminer. I only know some operators and dunno how to use and understand those operators, I hope someone can suggest some website help me to learn and refer.

I had some problems to find the operators, Is there any operator recommended to solve these kind of problems? Thank you

  • Handling missing values
  • Filtering obvious outliers
  • Defining roles
  • Remove unnecessary columns


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    Hi and welcome to RapidMiner!  You'll find that learning RapidMiner is much easier than learning some other data science tools like R and Python because of its simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface.


    There are some excellent help resources available directly from the RapidMiner website:

    In particular I recommend the "getting started" videos available here:  

    (and don't miss the "download example data and processes" button there at the top which will let you follow along easily at home).


    There you will find resources around all of the items you have mentioned, such as missing values, defining roles, handling outliers, and more!  I think you are really going to enjoy working in RapidMiner.  If you want more formal training, you can also sign up for live online training classes here:




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    You can always check out as well or read up on any of the operators (


    Or you can right-click on any operator, select description, and then click on Jump to Tutorials.

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    And last but not least our documentation is another great resource, too:


    Pro tip: Use the search field on top of the operator panel.  If you type in things like "missing" or "outliers" you will quickly find the operators you are looking for.




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