Integrating Current BI Visualization Tools: Tableau (DATA), Qlik (view/sense), Microstrategy (MSTR)

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Here's a list of three BI, Dashboarding, Visualization tools that you can import/export your analytics and data with, including format and version questions: 



  • RapidMiner 7.0 added support for exporting TDE files that can be imported into Tableau.  RapidMiner Server 7.1 provides an OData output format for its webservice integration



Qlik (View, Sense)

  • The connector provides an operator that can write QVX (QlikView Data eXchange) files that can be directly consumed by QlikView image




  • RM/MSTR support OData via Data Import - Upload OData files via the Data from URL connector using anonymous authentication. Data must be in json format 


Add your extensions (Time Series, Text, R, Python, Spark, Qlik, Tableau, Splunk…) 2 minute Video 


Top three by Gartner Report: Business Intelligence, Dashboarding, Visualization tools... 


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