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Hello and Greetings from Bulgaria.


So, here is the situation. I am using the Filter Examples operator with custom filters so I can add my own parameters but I have a little problem with it. Currently I am practicing processing and minning football databasets as they contain a lot of attributes and values and you can squeeze a lot of interesting data. But I had such issue with other datasets. In this case I want to extract all the matches of Arsenal but... there are two attributes called Home and Away and Arsenal is in both of them. So when I add custom filter for Home attribute - I get only those examples which contain the set parameter for this attribute. But.. If I add second filter (with the same parameter) for the Away attribute - nothing comes out. Is this expected? Because to me Filter Examples sounds as operator who should be able to extract examples not only based on the values in one attribute. 

filter examples.jpg


I have a workaround for this but it includes Multiply then Filter Examples each attribute containing Arsenal and then Join to merge them in one.. Or I can fix it in Excel or .. etc. Can you please help me understand this case? I guess I am missing something.


Thank you!



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    Hi @georgiishopov


    so basically by default it is "AND" condition, so what you are specifying is home and away both need to be arsenal.


    What you need is an "OR" logic ..you can do that using the different radio button at the bottom of the screen which says "match any"


    If your logic is more complex, then you can build an expression where in the filter examples operator 'condition class" parameter use expression instead of custom_filters


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