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This is a bit of a trivial question, but I'd love to recolor the edges in some of more complicated processes.  When they are all purple, it's hard to untangle them.  Is that possible?


Thank you.


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    Nope, this is not possible.  The color actually follows a code (blue: data, green: models, yellow: performance etc.) so this might not be something we would easily change at this point to be honest.


    But here is a tip (in case you are not aware, otherwise please ignore): You might have an easier life by using sub-processes (you can select multiple operators with CTRL + left mouse button or by dragging a rectangle around them), then right click on one of the selected operators and chose "Move into subprocess".  You can then dive into those with a double click on the new sub-process operator.  If you give those nice names, it can really help you organize your process and will reduce the number of connections per screen a lot - which might be good for your original problem.




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    JEdwardJEdward RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 578 Unicorn

    I would add to this that you can also add comments to the subprocesses (as well as giving them meaningful names). 

    These comments can be coloured in a number of colours however you choose.  For example, if you have subprocesses dealing with dataprep, the colour might be red, for and evaluation subprocess it might be green, etc. 

    Pick colours that work for you.

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