using data with around 500000 rows for text analysis

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I installed rapidminer academia version to work on my academic project on bigdata. When I tried loading a file which has around 500000 rows, the tool said "your license supports upto 10000 rows of data. Please upgrade to use all your data". 


I applied for the academic version, which gave me a link immediately to install the tool. I'm not sure if i'll get another link or approval to download the academic version or the one I installed is the right one.


Please help me with this as my project submission is due in 10 days.



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    mmichelmmichel Employee, Member Posts: 129 RM Engineering

    Hi apurvapt,


    the academic license of RapidMiner Studio does not provide a data row limit constraint. I would guess your license was not properly installed.

    Please check your active license in Studio via 'Settings' > 'Manage Licenses'. If the active license is not your academic one, please click on 'Sync licenses from your account' or 'Enter License' to manually install the license which you got from my.rapidminer.com .




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    jeannejeanne Member Posts: 4 Contributor I

    Hello Apurvapt, 

    If you need added functionnalities (entities extraction and resolution, sentiment analysis, categorization, multilingual text processing...) to complete Rapidminer native text analytics tools, Rosette (available on the marketplace), has also an Academic Program enabling you to do 100 000 calls per month for free.

    When you create your Rosette account just add "Academic" on the promo code field. 


    Good luck on your project, 



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