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I am a beginner in RapidMiner. I am currently using the free version of RapidMiner Server on my Desktop. My query is if I create users to view the reports that I make, will they be able to view them on their own machine using a public IP of the server? 



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    if your Desktop machine is reachable from the internet with a public IP (and the port of RM Server web interface is open [default: 8080]), then the answer is yes.




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    Yes it is. (As long as you have your port open publically through the firewall)


    One example of how you might use this is setting up the RM Server on your home computer and building some processes to monitor the groceries in your fridge and suggest dinner recipies that make the most efficient use of the remaining ingredients before they expire. 

    You can build a RapidMiner webApp for this that can be accessed from within your WiFi network using an iPad and then it's available in the kitchen when you need it. 


    Of course there are many, many other possible applications both at home and the office



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